December 2015 Q & A

This December, many adult children of aging parents will make the long-distance trek back home for the holidays. They can’t help but wonder what their parent’s living arrangements for the new year will be. We’ll show you NASMM’s Senior Move Managers’ answers to the following questions:

  • How do I approach this awkward topic with my elderly parents?
  • How do I talk about my loved one’s loss of autonomy?
  • What can I do if my parents refuse to talk?

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Relocation Services

With an aging population and family members spread out across the country, there is an increasing need for trustworthy and comprehensive support for seniors during their transition to a new living space.

Our Senior Relocation Services offer support, oversight and peace of mind to seniors and their families before, during and after a major downsizing to a new home.

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Organization Services

Professional Home Organizers provide structure, create efficient systems and offer ongoing guidance so people can take control of their home, their lives, and their time.

From closets to cabinets, filing systems to playrooms, we’re here to sort, tidy and organize. Let us help you create calm amidst the chaos.

We’ll change your life – and you’ll love it!

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