Vacation Rental Management

Taking care of your vacation home shouldn’t be your second job. Whether you advertise your Vacation Property online and charge a fee, or loan it out to friends and family, we will manage the calendar on your behalf and will ensure that your house is always ready for your guests.

We will work together to create a Vacation Rental Management Plan that suits your needs. Then we’ll be ready to take care of the small details that can give your guests a fabulous first impression.


We can be the main point of contact for your potential guests – answering their questions and confirming bookings on your behalf.

Upon confirming the reservation, we will send your guests a professionally designed document that outlines directions to your home, key and access information, and instructions for getting settled.

While your guests are in Gig Harbor, we will act as their main point of contact for any questions, concerns and requests.


Before each guest arrives, we will do a quick inspection of the house to ensure it is ready, and that no maintenance issues have arisen. We will:

  • verify that basic sundries are stocked and readily available.
  • prepare beds with fresh linens if it has been vacant for awhile and put mints on the pillows.
  • turn on music and lights.
  • water your indoor plants and patio containers if needed.
  • sweet off front patio and wipe off outdoor furniture if needed.


  • In addition to the basic housekeeping services, we will ensure that the refrigerator is emptied, garbage is removed and all bedding is prepared for the next visitor.
  • We will also verify that no damage has occurred to the house, and that it is secured.

Vacation EnhancementsOptional Services

You’ve put a lot of time, money and energy into booking that guest reservation. Make it pay off and bring those guests back time and time again by providing a vacation experience that inspires, comforts and relaxes your guests. We can personalize your guest’s experience if you desire to add any of the following services to your basic Vacation Rental Management Plan.


Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the tourist activities available to your guests, especially if you are out of town yourself. We can support your guests with concierge services during their stay.


We can provide a formal notebook of Gig Harbor tourist information, which can be left for your guests to peruse at their leisure. This contains brochures, maps, and business cards from local business owners, and will be kept up to date on a monthly basis.


Getting your guests to your house is only one part of the journey. Making sure they have everything they need while visiting your home is another part, and contributes greatly to their enjoyment of your home. Our professional Household Instruction Binder will contain all pertinent details for their visit. This Binder is completely customized to your home, and includes monthly updates and revisions as necessary.

Home Shopping & Finishing Touches

We also provide  Shopping Services if you would like to improve your Vacation Rental with updated furnishings. Please see the Home Shopping page for more details.