Our Story

Emergency PlanningOur story is your story.

Every month we’d keep these on our to-do list:

  • Buy emergency food for the car in case we’re stranded.
  • Update those emergency contacts.
  • Figure out a plan for who picks up the kids from school if mom and dad are across the Narrows Bridge when an earthquake occurs.
  • Practice the Fire Escape Plan and make sure the kids know how to follow-through.
  • Take a CPR course.

The list was long – and growing longer – after each major disaster spread across the news channels of the tv.

Simple Common Sense

We’ve been pretty lucky here in the Pacific Northwest. But all of us know Mother Nature has her way, and that it doesn’t always come with warnings and it certainly doesn’t arrive at convenient times.

But it isn’t just the “what if’s” of a major earthquake. It’s also the simple reality of house fires that happen from un-forseen accidents. And indoor flooding that ruins boxes of financial and historical records.

Getting “ready” doesn’t have to mean preparing for an apocalypse. It just means implementing simple common sense in order to ensure the safety and well-being of your household. Life holds surprises, and we’ve decided to launch this campaign for that very reason.

The 2013 Simply Prepared Challenge will encourage, support and enable individuals to prepare their homes and families for unexpected emergencies.

Gig Harbor Home Management’s overall goal is to offer peace of mind to homeowners. So the facilitation of emergency preparations for any home disaster – whether fire, ice storm or earthquake – is just one more way to ensure the well-being of the household.

Simply Prepared ObstaclesWe’ll Make it Easy for You

There might be many obstacles in your path. But we’re here to tear those down and make it simple and achievable.

By following each of our monthly steps, you’ll finish off 2013 with a basic level of emergency preparedness. And if you need help at any time, give us a call and we can fill out those forms, do your shopping and pack up your supplies. We’re here to encourage, support and enable you.

Join our Simply Prepared Challenge and make 2013 the year you finally….get “ready.”

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