Simply Prepared Home – February

Emergency Planning


Are You Ready to be On Your Own During an Emergency?



Have you thought about preparing your family for an emergency but didn’t know where to start?

Have you reviewed preparation checklists and been completely overwhelmed?

Have you started gathering supplies and then become discouraged by the cost and time involved?

Have you come across recommendations that brought discomfort and anxiety?

Are tired of saying “I should get ready”?

There were millions of people impacted by Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. How many of them desperately wish they had Simply Prepared?

Most people are genuinely grateful for organizations like FEMA, The Red Cross, the National Guard, and local First Responders. It brings comfort to know that help is always on the way.

But there is danger in making assumptions regarding the level of assistance that will be available to us.  Many people don’t understand that FEMA only arrives in major cities.  For Gig Harbor residents, this means we will not receive direct assistance during a large-scale emergency.  Experts say we should be prepared for up to 21 days of isolation in the event the bridges are damaged.

What would that mean to you and your family?

We believe that preparing your home and family for emergencies is an integral part of managing your household.

Prepared families create the foundation for a stronger, more resilient community during times of crisis.

For the next 11 months, we are asking you to take ACTION. We promise to keep it simple. Each month we’ll cover a different topic related to home preparedness.

During the month of February, take STEP 1 towards having a Simply Prepared Home and think about your access to emergency food, clean water and first aid in the aftermatch of an unexpected emergency.

A. Purchase a 72 Hour Food Kit & basic First Aid kit.

B. Complete our Emergency Contact Forms.

C. Download our DIY Checklist if you’d rather build the kits yourself.

Having a Simply Prepared Home means that your family has food and water while you are awaiting outside help. It means you can provide medical care to a family member. It means you have temporary shelter. It means safer, calmer and more stable neighborhoods.

Your family deserves this.  Take this journey with us and we’ll celebrate a job well done in December!

Click Here to Take the Simply Prepared Challenge and start with STEP 1.


 * article originally published in Canterwood Life Magazine, February 2013