Simply Prepared Home – March


Emergency PlanningBug-Out Bags, G.O.O.D. Bags, Grab & Go Bags…Huh?

My first attempt at finding a Home Evacuation Checklist brought differing opinions and definitions of what it truly means to “get out of dodge.”


I looked at the mess of wasted paper flying out of my printer and felt frustrated over how any novice is to make sense of all the conflicting emergency preparation advice.  I became an insomniac while worrying about the pending earthquake, nuclear reactor accidents, and major ice storms. And you know what? Three months later I still hadn’t done anything! My good intentions had turned into debilitating confusion.

And I’m not alone! Isn’t it baffling that less than 20% of us have emergency supplies to help us through the first 72 hours of a major disaster when local officials may not be available?

In February we introduced a 2013 challenge, offering you simple monthly assignments for preparing your home and family for unexpected emergencies. It could be as sudden as an earthquake that quickly makes your house uninhabitable. Or as shocking as a windstorm that brings a tree crashing into your bedroom. Or as fast as a fire racing through your home.  All of these mean one thing: you need to get out of your house. Right now.

Imagine for a moment that one of these disasters happens tonight.

Does your family have an evacuation plan? Will your kids follow it? Will you have shoes on? A blanket? A coat? A phone? Bandages for wounds? What if your neighbor’s house is damaged too? Are you in a secluded area? Where are your car keys? Can you walk barefoot down the road when it is 20 degrees?

Feel the emotion of seeing a loved one injured and cold, imagine your dismay at your lack of provision, and consider the challenge of getting through the first 72 hours. Are you wishing you had Simply Prepared?

Your 2013 Simply Prepared Challenge is to TAKE ACTION for the sake of your household members.

March’s STEP 2: Prepare to leave your home in under 15 minutes by keeping a “Grab & Go” Bag underneath every bed.

A. Use our online store to purchase pre-made Grab & Go Bags.

B. Complete our free 15-Minute Evacuation Plan & Summary of Insurance/Financial Records.

C. Download our free DIY Checklist if you want to create your own Grab & Go bag.

If you’d like help with this month’s assignment, call us to discuss how we can offer you personal shopping & consultation in your own home.

Once you’re done with this step, visit our blog to share with others just how GREAT it feels to Be Simply Prepared!

 Click Here to get started with March’s STEP 2. 

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* article originally published in Canterwood Life Magazine, March 2013