Snowbird & Vacation Watch

While You Are AwayDon’t Let It Happen To You

You’ve heard the stories: an empty house with an undiscovered water leak that soaks in for weeks. Pests move in to the pantry and make a home. Thieves notice the unattended yard and unchanged curtains and lights…and steal irreplaceable belongings.


Worrying about these possibilities creates stress; recovering from these damages takes money and time.  Take steps now to ensure that the inside of your home is checked on during your absence.

Offering You Peace of Mind

GHHM_Postcard_Snowbirds2013_FRONT2A Home Manager can offer you the assurance that in your absence, your home will be protected, maintained and cared for above and beyond the simple drive-by offered by your neighbors, or the security guards of your gated community.

Caring For Your Home

We will work together to create a Home Management Plan that suits your needs. Your customized plan will touch upon several areas:

  • Inspections: Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly inspections.
  • Reporting: You’ll receive Inspection Reports with every visit and immediate notification if any abnormalities arise or maintenance is needed.
  • Mail Delivery: Your mailbox will be checked to ensure that the post office is handling mail per your requested arrangement. Items of importance will be mailed to you if desired.
  • Plants: Your indoor plants and patio containers will be watered if needed.
  • Emergency Contact: If desired, we can act as your emergency contact for your security alarm system during your absence.
  • Vehicles: If you are concerned about your vehicle sitting for long periods while you are gone, we can start your car periodically.
  • Visibility: We’ll ensure continuity with established landscaping and snow removal services so that your home doesn’t appear to be empty.

housebywaterAdditional Services

Some homeowners desire to have additional care for their home above and beyond the basic Home Watch Management Plan. These are optional, customizable and can be added to your Home Watch Plan at any time.



Together we will create a customized checklist so that we can assist you in preparing your home for an extended absence.


When repairs and seasonal maintenance are required in your absence, you will always be the first to know.  After selecting either your own preferred provider or one of our recommended suppliers, we will assist with quotes, service dates and oversight of the job. The bottom line: it is your home and will always be your decision. We’re simply here as your representative, working hard to be a trusted advocate for your home.


In the event of a significant storm, we will check on your home as soon as roads allow for travel, and complete a full Inspection Report.


If you’ve been gone for an extended period of time, you might appreciate a freshened-up home upon your return.  We’ll work on a customized checklist so that your home is ready for your arrival.

Call today to arrange your free consultation and we’ll be happy to share more information about how we’ll care for your home in your absence.

We’ve been providing Home Watch Services to Gig Harbor families since 2011, and are licensed, bonded and insured.